Rockstar Laser Speaker Coaching


Outline your talk to give it a journey that flows from start to finish.


Speak and present with the same eloquence and charisma of top speakers.


Techniques to punch up your message and ensure it spreads.


Learn how to capture and hold attention throughout your talk.


Leverage neuroscience to craft unforgettable talks that make a difference.


Overcome speech anxiety and learn how to thrive under pressure.


Structure and delivery of stories to engage and influence your audience.


Book, course creation, coaching, consulting, classes and more ways to monetize your message.


With Next Stage RockStar Laser personalized speaker training, you’ll learn how to be a better public speaker, give a speech you’re proud of, as well as techniques to control anxiety and present with confidence. The skills you’ll develop will not just teach you how to give a good speech, but also empower you to thrive in all forms of public speaking. 

We take a laser focus on those areas you want to unlock through discussion, presentation practice, interactive exercises, and real-time video review.

Our level of expertise allows us to effectively and productively zero in on areas for growth and work in real time to find the formula that works for you.

This is what we’ll do:

  • Begin with a Deep Dive session where we’ll determine your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for speaking growth. We’ll develop a plan of action going forward

  • Provide you with an exclusive scheduling link to schedule 15 to 30 minute laser focused coaching sessions based on what you’re ready to tackle next

We understand this is an investment of your time, talent, and money. We see this as an investment in us, and we are committed to offering a valuable return:

  • Better communication skills
  • Stronger and more persuasive messages
  • Greater confidence earned through understanding how to prepare and deliver a successful talk
  • More targeted presentations that get results before the audiences that matter most to you


A recent edition of the New York Times noted, “Workplace specialists say fear of public speaking is one of the most common career-stoppers in America.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, forty percent of Americans are terrified at the thought of talking to an audience (the only thing they dread more is dying and snakes!). The article concludes that the ability to communicate in front of a group is becoming increasingly important in our age of electronic communication, when more and more companies are placing a higher premium on face-to-face interaction.

Pricing for the RockStar Laser Speaker Coaching Program:

$7500  or 12 monthly payments of $675/mo

Coaching sessions are available live virtual via the Zoom platform.

Schedule a RockStar Laser Speaker Coaching discovery session to get all of your questions answered and determine if we’re a good fit:

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