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Running your own small service business is a complicated balancing act. You need to market your business, attract and nurture new clients, and create a name for yourself, all while doing the actual work your clients give you.

Finding new clients is a constant struggle but an important one. It's something you should do on an ongoing basis, even when you're busy. In this book, you'll learn 19 ways to find more clients for your business both online and off.

This information is aimed at you if you are a:

  • Small service business owner or freelance professional
  • Business coach, consultant, or advisor
  • Business service providers, such as a virtual assistant or financial advisor
  • Freelance creative such as a web designer, illustrator, writer, or other artists
  • Professional service provider, such as medical or health professional
  • Or anyone else who relies on getting individual clients for your business

There's a common mistake that's often made by service businesses, and especially by freelancers. When you get busy, you'll often stop looking for new business. After all, how can you start building a relationship with a new client when you're already swamped with work?

But searching for new leads and clients is something you should do continually, even when you have enough work, and there are several reasons why:

  • Your dream client, who will supply you with high-quality and high-paying work for years to come, can come at any time, even when you're busy. You'd hate to miss them because you are swamped with less exciting work.
  • When you're constantly getting new clients, you have the option of dropping old clients you're not truly satisfied with or raising your rates. New clients can also help you grow the scale of your business.
  • Tactics you use to gain clients, such as social media or referral marketing, are ongoing. It's not a situation where when you need clients now, you can go somewhere and immediately find them. These tactics don't (usually) produce immediate results.

By the time you complete this book, you'll be able to:

  • Discover a wealth of online tactics you can use to get new clients through the internet
  • Explore offline tactics you can use to gain more clients
  • Decide which tactics are best for you and your business
  • Start implementing these tactics and reaping the rewards

 You'll be prompted to complete action steps along the way so that you will have already gotten started by the time you finish the book.

You owe it to yourself to buy, and more importantly ACT ON this book!

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