Stories Every Entrepreneur Must Know How to Tell

Every successful speaker & entrepreneur knows they NEED a Signature Story.

The story that builds credibility & inspires your audience to resonate with you.

But can I let you in on a secret?

Most speakers, entrepreneurs and authors tell the wrong story. Or at the very least, don’t tell all the stories they need to tell to build connection, credibility and a desire to work with them.

Over the 45+ years I’ve been speaking from stage, I learned the value of multiple stories to create the listener connection, the know – like - trust and the confidence and desire to “take the next step” with the speaker.

This idea led me to create what I call “The 5 Stories Every Entrepreneur and Speaker Need to Know How to Tell From Stage”.

This program will is delivered in two 90 minute video sessions including Q&A from the audience that experienced this event LIVE.

Also included are 6 workbooks, one for each story you need to tell and one bonus workbook covering general story creation.

Stories (and corresponding workbooks) detailed in this program include:

Connection Story
Passion Story
Entrepreneurs Journey
Hero’s Guide Story
Fixed Up Fables
Story Essentials

You’ll walk away with an understanding of the various stories you need to craft, rehearse, polish and tell to their audiences to build a connection and move those audiences to action.

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