Program - Product Launch Assets That Make Bank

Launching Just Got A Whole Lot Easier–and More Profitable!

Ever wondered how other coaches make “launching” look so simple? What if there was an easy-to-follow, proven system that would allow you to launch like no big deal, too?

Real talk? You’ve been dying to put your new ingenious offer out into the world for months now.

Whether it’s a brand spankin’ new course, a group coaching program or even an e-book, you’ve had this thing up your sleeve (or really, in your brain) for what feels like forever.

Sooo…why isn’t it online, out there and making you bank yet?

I’ll tell you why…

It’s all because of the dreaded L-word.


Maybe you’re terrified because you’ve heard colleagues whisper about how “hard” and “stressful” launching is (and make self-deprecating jokes about how they haven’t washed their hair in three days because #launchmode).

Maybe you’ve tried–and failed–to put a launch together by your lonesome–swiping an email for inspiration from this coach here, copying the format of someone else’s sales page there–but truly struggle to see how it all fits together.

Maybe you’ve launched a few times before, but found the experience too intense & loaded with opportunities to drop the ball, disappoint customers & not pull in the profit you desire.

Or maybe you’re actually EXCITED to launch – but just don’t know where to start!

The truth is no matter what’s putting you off from launching, you also realize it’s the only way to get the reach & revenue you crave.

Sound about right?

Well, let me just say this…

You’re not wrong. Launches can be complex.

Successful launches involve lots of moving parts–from slick sales pages to enticing emails to trendy technology.

And if you don’t know how to put all the pieces together in a timely manner…

Or put them together in a way that truly grips the eyeballs (and minds) of your ideal clients…

Or if you’re just not sure what assets you even need to create in the first place…

You can totally wind up with a messy launch and minuscule (if any) sales.

Launching is one of the scariest things you can do inside your online business.

But if you do it right? It’s also one of the most rewarding.

I get that right now you don’t want to risk creating a big ol’ launch that flops, fails or even falls below your expectations.

(I mean, you are juggling this launch-to-be on top of 1:1 clients, speaking engagements and your own life, too!)

But I also get that you NEED to get your offer out there.

…You just DON’T need is the disappointment, embarrassment and/or empty bank account that can all-too-easily come with it.

But if you’re worried about launching without a real strategy in place, then it’s time we talk.

The Truth Is Launching Online Doesn’t Have to Feel Like the Wild West!

Listen, I know you know people have lucrative launches all the time. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it.

But what you don’t know (right now) is how they do it.

How do their sales pages sound so genuine and so persuasive?

How do they create those incredible and valuable pre-launch video series and/or webinars? (Do they hire film crews & makeup artists & professional stylists…or what?)

How do they write enticing emails that SO seamlessly blend value and selling?

It all feels like a mystery.

The good news? It’s a mystery many–myself included–have solved.

See, there actually IS an easier (and practically foolproof) way to launch your offers so they pull in a profit every single time.

Want to know what it is?

Launching Successfully Online Boils Down to TWO Things: Knowing What Product Launch Assets to Create *and* How to Create Them So They Sell–That’s It!Learn How to Execute a Lucrative Launch–Including Everything You Need to Create and When!

If you’re ready to make your first or next launch your easiest and most profitable yet & get battle-tested tips for creating incredible launch copy assets that connect and convert (without spending weeks wondering what in the world to create or what to say when you do)…this course was created just for you.

Just imagine…

  • Finally getting your new offer out into the world (no more procrastinating!)
  • Waking up to new sales for your online course or coaching workshop
  • Building an even stronger connection with your current audience
  • Reaching more people with your message & adding tens or hundreds of people to your list–all while making money from your launch!
  • Creating enthusiastic-buyers-to-be with every piece of launch content you put out–instead of alienating people or getting tons of unsubscribes!
  • Creating high-quality content for your launch you can use over & over again, because you’ve finally invested in learning exactly how to do it!
  • Never again wasting time on launch assets you don’t even need
  • Having eager students enrolled in your offer because you marketed it to the exact people who needed it most–and talked about it in a way they totally “got”!


Really though…

What if you could easily get your first or next offer out into the world, on time & with less effort?

What if you knew exactly how to create high-quality launch copy at every touchpoint that clearly spoke to your ideal buyers, and turned them into customers?

And what if you had a forever-roadmap to follow every single time you wanted to package up your gifts & expertise & put it out there, for a profit?

It’s all possible.

It’s time to learn how to launch easier, my friend.

I’m waiting for you–and so are your ideal clients.

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